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In early 2020 the WHO declared that the outbreak of COVID-19 should be considered a pandemic, and shortly after rapid increases in cases in Europe and the US, cases began to appear on the African continent.

In late March 2020, Senegal was reporting 105 cases, which has increased to just over 70,000 confirmed tested cases in August 2021 (4.36% of population tested).

Irrespective of where it occurs, the WHO has stressed that the collective adherence to public health guidelines around personal hygiene and social distancing will be an essential part of slowing disease transmission. 

Kamben Film Group saw the potential to help provide clear health guidance produced specifically for a Senegalese context, and is currently in the process of producing local-language film and music clips to provide 

clear public health messages and to counter potentially harmful misinformation.

These films will be made freely available through social media.

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