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Local Language Films

Locally-produced film is central to our work. We see it as an effective way:

  • To bring communities together and to unite efforts

  • To give people living in rural communities a voice to demand their rights

  • To share evidence-based knowledge and to counter damaging myths 

Our local partner, Kamben Film Group, has produced a range of films in the Mandinka language. All of our films can be shared via mobile phones or projected using Kamben Film Group’s portable pedal-powered system for an off-grid cinema experience. A selection of our films are described below, and all of them can be viewed in the Resources section of our website.  

8. etat civil filming.jpg

Etat Civil

The story of a young boy who does not have his birth certificate. The turning point of the film is when the boy’s father understands the importance of having a birth certificate and battles to organise this in time for his son to take his end of primary school exam.

9 kima.png


A documentary describing the danger of bush fires and what can be done to prevent them. This piece includes interviews with different members of the community who share their memories of past fires, describe why fires occur, and call for community members to take more care to prevent their frequent occurrence.

10 trees and stoves.JPG

Trees and Stoves

This film describes the vital importance of trees to life in rural villages in Africa, it explains the need for planting new trees and how fuel-efficient stoves can help to reduce the pressure on existing trees. This film was originally produced by Total LandCare in collaboration with Purple Field Productions for audiences in Malawi. Kamben Film Group produced a translated version and added local context with an introduction and interviews from their own Senegalese communities.

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