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Partner Organisations

CRP Simenti


A research station that was set up by the Cognitive Ethology Lab of the German Primate Centre to study free-ranging primates within Niokolo-Koba National Park. A number of Niokolo Network members previously worked at this station, and CRP Simenti has been particularly supportive in keeping waste management activities going.

DPN National Parks Service


The government agency responsible for taking care of Senegal’s National Parks. In the case of Niokolo-Koba National Park, park agents carry out surveillance and anti-poaching activities within the park, they carry out surveys of flora and fauna and they work with local communities to manage the park’s natural resources. Niokolo Network provides the National Parks Service with updates on their projects and has benefited from their support across various activities.

Purple Field Productions


A British charity working with people in Africa and Asia to make educational films in local languages. PFP and Niokolo Network started collaborating in 2014 when they co-produced Senegalese versions of two PFP films. PFP subsequently supported film professionals from the UK and from Sierra Leone to train up a Senegalese film production group, which over the course of 3 years evolved into our partner organisation- Kamben Productions.



Cinécyclo is an association with a network of volunteers who travel through remote areas by bike and use a mobile pedal generator to screen films along the way. In 2015/2016 Cinécyclo carried out a tour in Senegal; they selected a film that Kamben Productions had produced, and screen this in over 100 villages, reaching more than 1,200 people.

Nawari Kourientine

Nawari Kourientine is a French association whose aim is to fight against the precariousness of the populations of Kourientine and its surroundings, in Senegal (commune of Sinthiang Koundara, Region of Kolda). It helps the populations in the fields of education, health, water and agriculture, with the essential ethics of the preservation of the environment, the respect of the culture and the identity of the inhabitants of the village. The partnership with Niokolo Network began in 2021 through Claire Clément, a member of Nawari who joined the board of directors of Niokolo Network. The first actions carried out in collaboration focused on supporting the women in making soaps and building a tippy tap.


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